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The 2019-20 alternative open enrollment application is now available on the open enrollment website under the Alternative Application Procedures
(This Link will take you to the appropriate DPI Webpage)

In addition, English, Spanish, and Hmong versions of the alternative application can be found on the Forms webpage.


School Board Approves Open Enrollment Capacity Limit

WI DPI Open Enrollment Website

WI DPI Open Enrollment Resources

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Pursuant to section 120.12(13(b) of state statutes, the School Board has approved the standards in effect for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you would like a hard copy of the standards, please see Kyle Luedtke, Superintendent, at the District Office, 4550 Hwy 57, Sturgeon Bay, WI.  All standards for each grade are included in the content areas below.

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