Sevastopol High School is one of the best in the state and receives national recognition

On the recent State Report Card, Sevastopol High School was ranked 17th of all WI High Schools.

The high school has also been recognized recently by two national publications, The US News and World Reports & Newsweek.

Sevastopol High School earned a silver on the US News and World Reports "Best High Schools" list.  Ranked 32nd in the state and 1,928th nationally.  The award is based on the school's performance in the following areas: college readiness, math proficiency, reading proficiency, and student teacher ratio.  

Newsweek recognized Sevastopol as one of the top 500 schools in the nation.  Newsweek's "Top High Schools" list takes achievement into account.  This includes enrollmentrate, graduation rate, weighted advanced placement/international baccalaureate composite, weighted SAT/ACT composite and holding power, which measures the change in class enrollment between ninth and 12th grades. Sevastopol ranked 428th in the nation.

Newsweek also ranks high schools on Beating the Odds.  This list takes student poverty into account and identifies schools in which economically disadvantaged students (Sevastopol's poverty rate is listed as 37.09%) performed better than the state average for all students in reading and mathematics.  Sevastopol ranked 227th in the nation for Beating the Odds with scores of 72.01 percentile for college readiness, 95.88 percentile for graduation rate, and 98.63 percentile overall.