Author Kelly Gallagher Speaks to Door County Teachers

Author Kelly Gallagher Speaks to Door County Teachers
Posted on 09/05/2017

On August 28, Sevastopol School hosted a visit by Kelly Gallagher who has been teaching at the high school level for over 33 years.  Mr. Gallagher’s specialty is writing and he has written several books on the topic, specifically, strategies for helping high school students to become better writers.  Sevastopol teachers have been reading and implementing strategies from Mr. Gallagher for years already, and it became a goal of the district to bring him here in person.

In addition to Sevastopol Teachers, teachers from Sturgeon Bay and Gibraltar were invited to attend the session which was held in the Elementary Gym.  Mr. Gallagher lead a talk which addressed many issues related to writing and provided many strategies for dealing with them.  Mr. Gallagher was already in his 3rd week of school back home at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, CA when he came to speak.  He had to teach in California the following morning so we appreciate his willingness to hop across the country to visit our district.

Despite it being the first day of in-service, Mr. Gallagher was well received and his casual presentation style kept the audience entertained as well as informed.  Sevastopol High School has made improving literacy and writing a primary goal over the last few years and the presentation was definitely motivating and thought provoking.  Any teacher in attendance is sure to use at least one of his strategies in the next school year so it was a very worthwhile experience for all involved.

Special thanks goes out to our K-12 Reading Specialist, Diane Jenquin, who was the point person for arranging the event.